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Quantitative Task

Your group of 2-3 will be assigned one of the following tasks. Only do the one you were assigned:

  1. Internal Memo, Blizzard
  2. Curious Scholar
  3. Internal Memo, Commonsensemedia



Qualitative Research Blog Post

Why do you WoW?

In a blog post, answer your research question (this could be, simply, “why do you WoW?”). You should have the following parts in your blog post:

  1. Motivation for a research question. Besides “the professor told us too,” why would it be interesting to ask the question you ask?
  2. Research Question that you looked at.
  3. Coding scheme/process. E.g., “We used an inductive coding scheme using keyword matching. Our primary keywords were “family” and “friends” and derivatives of those words. In addition…”
  4. How large was the total dataset? E.g. how many forums did you code? How many in-game interviews? How many outside-of-game interviews?
  5. Key findings from your analysis
    1. Pattern claim. E.g., “People appeared to like WoW because they like games that begin with World”
    2. Pattern number (of the 15 interviews, 5 people mentioned x). What constitutes a pattern in a sample of 15 or 30 or 100? It’s up to you to make the case. Note: Qualitative research will always have lower consensus because of its open-ended nature.
    3. Exemplar quote or quotes.
  6. Now that you know this, make a suggestion for future research (and possibly name a method that would capture that). e.g., Blizzard asked the question “how do you WoW?” Is that a question that could follow from your current reserach?

Final note: this is the info that you should consider in your solo and group projects in this class. Revisit this page as a reminder.

Realms currently used

Bonechewer (new players) (CDT)

Ravencrest (medium) (CDT)

Sargeras (Full)

Silvermoon (medium) (PST)


Reading Quiz #1

Please take 10 minutes to complete the following reading quiz:


Let us visit for awhile

On behalf of the University of Denver Writing Program, we would like to welcome you to this special WRIT 1133 that involves research and writing in the World…of Warcraft.  Take a moment to register for this website, making sure to use your DU email address (you are free to pick whatever username that you would like; do NOT use your ID number).

After you register, we ask that you complete this survey

We look forward to working with you this term.  Lok’tar ogar!




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