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Qualitative Research Activity

Ethan Graupmann

Jing Dong

NEW Goal/Question: In a friendly, populated location and place a toy that gives gifts to players that interact with it. Examine what level/race/class the players are, how many respond to it, and so forth.

Situational Context: Wednesday, 1PM, Segaras.

Character Avatar: Wateratoms, lv 120 Pandaren Monk

With the contested city locations we visited (Dazar’alor and Suramar) too difficult to enter and sparse of players, we experienced difficulty locating an enemy player in the open in order to examine responses to threatened PvP. We found one player in each location, but one disappeared/exited the instance and our character died before we could reach the other.

With the New Question in mind (See Above), we placed the Blingtron 4000 near a large group of players and waited to observe.

Of the >10 players we entered the area with and placed down (Not counting passerby, which may be more than 10), 8 Players interacted with the Robot when we initially placed it down, over the course of approximately 5 minutes.

  • Human Warrior lvl 112
  • Human Warrior lvl 33
  • Human Priest lvl 112
  • Night Elf Mage?? 22
  • Other players’ information could not be retrieved.

We then entered a greeting into the chat, and seemed to receive no response. 1 more player interacted with the robot

  • Dwarf Mage lvl 120

The toy disappeared after 10 minutes

Background Notes

Several players were idling around during their time in the area, on various large mounts. Other (less common) idlers stood around on their normal characters. By the middle of the study, 8 players were idling in the fountain area, 6 of which were on mounts, 4 of which were considered larger than a Horse.

Walled from chaos, finding peace. – Worgen and Gilnean Ideology/Culture

Ethan Graupmann

8th April, 2019

Richard Colby

As a Worgen character, it is important to note that you start of as a Gilnean, in Gilneas City, before being transformed. Gilneas, one of the 7 human kingdoms, closes itself off from the rest of the world via a large wall around its borders, in order to keep itself secluded from the chaos and dark outer world. This imposes a serious reliance on the kingdom and its people, to be independent and self-reliant, as Gilneas wants nothing to do with the other kingdoms or outside conflicts. This also puts a heavy burden and a deep relationship with the land, as we see in the Lv6-10 range during the Worgen’s story quests, as the coast around Duskhaven slowly collapses. Throughout the beginning 10 levels of the Worgen’s story quests, we see citizens acting independent and strong (“Lorna Crowley”, going against the grain of maidens in distress, initially saves the character in the cellar for one of the story quests, shooting a Worgen once to kill it, although she is not able to reverse the bite wound you get) and overly attached to their land (“Lord Godfrey” and other leaders claiming to not want to lose their land “A second time”, especially to the Forsaken), both due to the country’s sense of seclusion and desire for self-determination.

In quests around Lv10, we get a view into the Worgen/Night Elf culture for dealing with the curse inflicted upon your character: A special ritual that connects to Gods related to Fury, Tranquility, and ultimately Balance, in order to allow Worgen a grip of sanity over their beastial curse. This ritual and attempt at balance can bring out both a human and natural way of life, mixing the culture of humans and druidic Night Elves together, as we see several Gilnean Leaders (Lord Crowley and King Genn) capable of transformation to and from Worgen form (Suggesting they undertook the ritual you did in order to gain the [Two Forms] ability), yet still clinging to their kingdom and land in some degree (Seeing as Genn formulates a plan to take their land back from the Forsaken moments after your ritual). The ritual and dramatization of it also suggests that being a Worgen puts you above most average humans or Gilneans, which is further demonstrated by how you are forced into Worgen form when using beneficial abilities such as [Dark Flight] or [Running Wild]. Most players may be more inclined to use their Worgen forms (Considering they didn’t pick human for a reason), but the ability to shift between the two, one being more beneficial than the other, ties into how being a Worgen may be perceived as better in some people’s eyes (When Genn confronts Crowley after your ritual, he states he comes “As your Equal” before transforming, suggesting that being human is not being “Equal” with another Worgen), as a metamorphosis, concluded with the ritual that the Night Elves help conduct. This also shows a shedding of the previous Gilnean standards of Seclusion and Independence, as Gilneans turn to Night Elves to cure the curse of the beast inflicted upon them.

There is sufficient evidence that the Worgen are based heavily on the mythological Werewolf that, according to Wikipedia, is a man that has the ability to transform into a wolf-beast, most importantly during a full moon. There are several connections and differences between the two, however; Worgen can be either wolf-beasts or humans at any time of day, show some semblance of sanity and humanity, and are more blue-furred than an actual wolf. While this separates the two creatures, the Worgen storyline has you transform during the night, and through a bite of another Worgen, which is how the Curse is passed in both myth and in the game. What sets Worgen apart most is that, not only is their body half-man, half-beast, but their mind is as well; Around level 10, you are able to be both the vicious beast that you have been cursed into being, and the thinking man you began as at level 1.


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