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Pandaren Ideology

The race I have chosen to analyze is the Pandaren.  The Pandaren are nature-loving humanoid pandas that in the lore were virtually sealed off from the rest of Azeroth up until the Cataclysm.  This isolation made them a race of peaceful people, but they are also warriors that are characterized by their ferocity in battle.  They are a neutral race, not allied with the Horde or the Alliance.  Their values seem to be living in the moment.  Everything they do is full of enthusiasm and they live in the moment.  Their religion was based on the worship of the “August Celestials,” but this was outlawed later.  They seem to not have a central religion but revere their ancestors.  In their culture, the Pandaren seem to value wisdom above all other values, whether this takes form in moral conviction in the Tushui way, taking action no matter the cost in the Huojin way, or taking things as they come in the Wanderer’s Way, all of these philosophies share the same core that is pervasive in the Race’s lore and culture.  The clothing, culture, and mythology of the Pandaren seems to be highly influenced by Asian cultures.  The clothing is the most obvious parallel, as it is heavily eastern inspired.  The idea of a society isolated from the outside seems to also be a parallel to the real world. The mountainous region of Pandria, along with the values of the culture and the predominantly Eastern influence seems to be a parallel of the cultures within the Nepal and Bhutan.  These are also cultures that share similar values to the Pandaren such as: wisdom, pacifism, and even honoring the dead with incense.




World of Warcraft

Is WoW Addicting?

Given the evidence cited by the articles above, WoW can be highly addictive to a certain demographic.  One of the sources studied people who became addicted to Wow and went on to say that “Some individuals spend so much time playing these games that it creates problems in their lives.” ( Peters, Malesky Jr., 2008) Another source claimed that out of 438 active WoW players surveyed, 44% of them admitted to addiction, while 73% showed signs of having or developing one. (Conrad, 2013) WoW addiction was compared to substance abuse, and while it is probably a bit of an extreme comparison, there are parallels seen. Addiction to the Internet shares some of the negative aspects of substance addiction and has been shown to lead to consequences such as failing school, family, and relationship problems. (Ng, Wiemer-Hastings, 2005) WoW may not have the chemical component of addiction like a drug addiction would, but given the findings of these sources it is hard to say that WoW doesn’t have addictive elements that could be dangerous for some people.


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