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     Duwei Xiang


        1/2. “What made you start playing WoW?”

        To see why players perceived to play the game and what factors affected their decision.


  1. We used flat coding as our main method. Our coding scheme was inductive.
  2. The total dataset we used was 15 interviews. 


  1. Ads that were made by Blizzard were found interesting and it had a very strong effect on player’s choice of whether they want to try the game. In one interview, the player says, “The ad was cool and it looked like fun so I tried it.” 3 out of the 15 interviews exclusively mentioned ads as the reason they make their decision to play WoW.  Another reason was players saw their friends playing the game, either they found the game interesting or they played the game because of their social needs of being more interactive with their friends. 7 out of 15 interviews exclusively mentioned friends as the reason they started playing.


  1. What players and characters still populate WoW?


How players in WoW will react if they’re followed round the whole time?

Duwei Xiang


Server: Bonechewer

Location: Kezan


Question/Topic: How players in WoW will react if they’re followed round the whole time?


Begins in the starting area

Aren’t any players around

Stayed for a few minutes

Went to the other areas to seek for players to follow

Came back to the starting area

Found one player who was standing by the quest NPC

The player controlled a female goblin character and his/her name is “Zixie”

Started following the player when he gets on the hot rod and driving to complete quests

Player did not care too much about me

Player is completing his quest and coming back and forth from the starting area

Player stopped questing

Player started driving around in the hot rod

Kept following him in a hot rod

Player started honking

Started beeping my hot rod’s horn too

The player started interacting with me by doing donuts in a hot rod

Sent chat to player

Player did not respond

The player stopped interacting and quit the game

Found another player and tried to follow him

The second player did not care about me throughout the whole time

Player ignored my chat message

Player left the game


I played solo as a goblin in the Bonechewer server as a new player. My task is to try to follow players in that area to observe what they’re doing and also their reaction of me following them around the whole time. Unfortunately, both of the players did not care about me for most of the time. The first player that I followed interacted with me because of my “stalking” for a few minutes which is after he finished his quests. The second player did not interact or react to me at all. I send greeting messages to both players but did not get any response.

Goblin Ideology

I picked Goblin as the race I’m going to focus on. Goblins are originally the slaves of jungle trolls on the Isle of Kezan. They were forced to mine underground for the jungle trolls. An unexpected effect happened on the Goblins which made them more intelligent and cunning in skills. Goblins had a rebellion and gained their independence. Goblins created trade networks with the other races during the Wars and they learned a lot to make more money. They value gold over everything the most which will bring them money and resources. They’re greedy and also very smart. However, Goblins are generally not religious. They do not believe in a divine power but rather they focus on real world materials to make profits. Goblins also “value technology as a useful aspect of commerce”( As the source describes, Goblins are very materialistic and wealthy due to their intelligence. Another source introduces the process of starting as a goblin in WoW, “The player starts as an up-and-coming businessgoblin in the flourishing and busy city of Kezan.” It gives a clear sign that the game has put its position right with how the basic background of goblins is.


Is WOW Addicting?

From three articles that’s shown, it is easy to conclude that the game of WOW is addicting.  One of the articles analyzed the unique difference between normal video games and World of Warcraft which is one of the key elements of having addiction. “While traditional videogames end at some point or become repetitive and boring, MMORPGs are endless, because the main feature of MMORPGs is its system of goals and achievements.”(Brian D. NG, Peter Wiemer-Hastings, 2005) The game is mainly about collecting items and making achievements. Because of this special setting of the game, it gives players a feeling of doing “Just One More Quest” which will make them actually spend the whole day into it. In the article, “Why World of Warcraft Is The Most Addictive Game Of All Time”, Luke analyzed Blizzard’s game strategy of how they let the players stay longer in the game. As Blizzard will wait until you “think about maybe coming off the game and then present you with three or four exclamation marks above NPC’s heads to entice you to just get those quests done and THEN you’ll come off.” To let this circle keep going and not able to control themselves to stop it means they have addiction to the game. Another article also aimed at the game features that will cause addiction among players. The extensive chat features in WOW will “give such games a social aspect missing from offline activities”. With WOW becoming a big online community, the players will meet more other players online and try to find the missing social aspect with chatting to the online players.


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