Is WoW Addicting?

Studies have found that there is a distinct connection between video game addiction and mental health issues, however the same study also called for a clearer definition of video game addiction, as it is often confused with video game engagement which shows no connection to poorer mental health (Loton, 2016). An article concerning Ryan van Cleave and how World of Warcraft affected his life attests to the dangers that video game addiction and World of Warcraft addiction holds, as he lost his job and almost lost his family (Lush 2011). Anything used for coping can become addictive as those in use turn to abuse instead of confronting issues in their life, as seen in the past two sources. One study found that in nine cases of video game addiction treatment, escapism was one of three reasons for initial video game engagement. In that same study, five out of the nine cases were addictions to World of Warcraft (Beranuy 2013). These sources show us that, while World of Warcraft is not addicting in every instance, it can still be addictive and the consequences can be dire.



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