Is WOW Addicting?

From three articles that’s shown, it is easy to conclude that the game of WOW is addicting.  One of the articles analyzed the unique difference between normal video games and World of Warcraft which is one of the key elements of having addiction. “While traditional videogames end at some point or become repetitive and boring, MMORPGs are endless, because the main feature of MMORPGs is its system of goals and achievements.”(Brian D. NG, Peter Wiemer-Hastings, 2005) The game is mainly about collecting items and making achievements. Because of this special setting of the game, it gives players a feeling of doing “Just One More Quest” which will make them actually spend the whole day into it. In the article, “Why World of Warcraft Is The Most Addictive Game Of All Time”, Luke analyzed Blizzard’s game strategy of how they let the players stay longer in the game. As Blizzard will wait until you “think about maybe coming off the game and then present you with three or four exclamation marks above NPC’s heads to entice you to just get those quests done and THEN you’ll come off.” To let this circle keep going and not able to control themselves to stop it means they have addiction to the game. Another article also aimed at the game features that will cause addiction among players. The extensive chat features in WOW will “give such games a social aspect missing from offline activities”. With WOW becoming a big online community, the players will meet more other players online and try to find the missing social aspect with chatting to the online players.


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