Is World of Warcraft Addicting?

Aracely Portillo

Is World of Warcraft Addicting?

Theories have led to believe that the game World of Warcraft is becoming addicting to many players. World of Warcraft has become extremely popular and the number just keeps going up. According to Tamara Lush in her article “At war with World of Warcraft: an addict tells his story” she tells the story of Ryan van Cleave, former video game addict. She says that his game addiction is similar to a gambling addiction. (Lush) Cleave once stated that he played the game for 18 hours straight and that was when he realized his problem. (Lush) In addition, excessive video game use is being viewed as symptomatic of other disorders such as, depression, anxiety disorders and others along those lines. (Oggins, Sammis 213) In addition, market researcher NPD group said that’s the average number of hours per week has gone up from 7.3 hours in 2009 to 8 hours in 2010. (Takahashi) Although there are two different views in whether or not World of Warcraft is addicting, it leads to show that playing the game can come to a point of addiction in which a person lets the game consume their life and takes up hours of their time, but it doesn’t lead to the highest level of addiction.

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