World of Warcraft Addiction

There is evidence that would suggest that the popular MMO, World of Warcraft, can cause addiction. In a 2010 study that surveyed World of Warcraft players on the addictive nature of the game, addiction is defined as “games’ interfering with other activities, especially socializing or work” (Oggins, Sammis, p. 210). Oggins and Sammis (2010) make the claim that addiction correlated positively with playing to escape problems in real life (p. 4). The results of the study found that “over 40% [of the 438 respondents] reported being addicted to video games” (Oggins, Sammis, p. 223). A related study based on the MMO EverQuest found that players who were addicted to gaming exhibited similar behavior to individuals addicted to alcohol or gambling (Chappell, Eatough, Davies, Griffiths, 2006, p. 205). According to Carol Pinchefsky in her article on Geek and Sundry, MMO games such as World of Warcraft along with FPS games are the most addicting and that people “play MMOs four times more often than other games” (“Uh-Oh: Science Says MMO And FPS Games Attract More Addictive Players”). The evidence makes a strong case that World of Warcraft is a game that has the potential to be addictive to some individuals.


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