Night Elf Ideology

The race of night elves in World of Warcraft is ancient and steeped in tradition. Night elves are very in-tune with nature and magic, ignoring much of the technology that is prominent among the other races in the Alliance. Their armor, even when at higher levels, is primarily leather and cloth, reflecting their reliance on magic and the natural world as opposed to industry and metalworking. In ancient times, the night elf empire dominated most of the world, but a faction of Highborne started to become obsessed with arcane magic and expanding their empire. They invited the Burning Legion to Azeroth to “bless” their race and eradicate the others. Other night elves, including the first druid, banned together to stop the Burning Legion. Later, the uncorrupted night elves, humbled by their experience, lived in relative peace and isolation, embracing druidism and nature. They are polytheistic, but revere Elune, the moon goddess, above all others. The focal point of their capitol city, Darnassus, is the Temple of the Moon, dedicated to Elune and occupied by the Sisters of Elune priestesses. The night elves enjoy peace and slow to anger, but are a fierce and unforgiving enemy once provoked.



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