Ideologies in races in WoW

The Tauren were a primarily a nomadic tribe based of their conflict with the centaur, now however they have united under one banner and in their ancestral lands. They prefer to exhaust all other options before resorting to combat but have plenty of powerful warriors should the need arise. While they are peaceful in nature, the rites of the Great Hunt are at the center of the spiritual life of the Tauren. This speaks to a pillar of Tauren culture, which is that there should exist balance in all things done. With this they do not consider darkness evil but, as it is part of the natural world and in balance with light, it is as it should exist. The central figure of their religion is the Earth Mother, a being who created the Tauren and protects them. They view the world as a place to be cohabited with, as evidenced through their funeral traditions which involves cremation (with the ash being offered up to the winds and rivers) so that the Tauren may return to the Earth Mother. With this connection with the Earth Mother, shamanism and druidism are held in high regauard among the Tauren, as the honor the past and seek the Earth Mothers will respectively. The Tauren are a spiritual people, who are peaceful by nature, finding balance in all things and strive to maintain that balance.

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