The Human Race

Kent Snodgrass

Race: Human

Class: Priest


Within most fantasy video games, the human race is often the default and/or at the center of the main story-line. Massive titles in the fantasy/hero video gaming space often create their own amalgamation of different “real-world” subsets of the human race to create their own unique “human-race.” In “Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls V”, Bethesda, the main game’s developer, decided to create the “Nords,” which were the “stand-in” human race that occupied this specific area (Skyrim) in their specific fantasy world. The Nords are closely based off of Scandinavia’s famous, or (in)famous, Vikings and their history and culture. They are depicted as large, angry, battle-ready marauders who value things like honor, sacrifice, and brotherhood above all. Obliviously the Nords of Skyrim occupy a far different world and these changes are accounted for by the developers. Keep in mind, this is just one developer interpretation of the “Human race;” in reality other developers like Blizzard and EA have staunchly different interpretations in their games. Take World of Warcraft for instance; in World of Warcraft, the Human race, unlike in Skyrim, tends to be far more diverse amongst their appearances. Humans can be skinny or fat, dark or light skinned, tall or short. Their philosophies however, are very similar to the humans of Skyrim in that they are “filled with unchecked passion and ambition.”[1] The humans of World of Warcraft fill a plethora of roles within the world that they inhabit, from powerful political titans (nobility) to battle-hardened foot soldiers for their respective causes. Unlike Skyrim’s Nords, who believe in a sort of quasi-norse mythology, the humans of WoW believe in what is called “The Holy Light.” The human race that inhabits the World of Warcraft universe is much like the human race of the real world. The history and lore is rich and detailed, the MPC’s are mostly different in both physical appearance and origin, and their moral spectrum is diverse.

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