Goblin Ideology

I picked Goblin as the race I’m going to focus on. Goblins are originally the slaves of jungle trolls on the Isle of Kezan. They were forced to mine underground for the jungle trolls. An unexpected effect happened on the Goblins which made them more intelligent and cunning in skills. Goblins had a rebellion and gained their independence. Goblins created trade networks with the other races during the Wars and they learned a lot to make more money. They value gold over everything the most which will bring them money and resources. They’re greedy and also very smart. However, Goblins are generally not religious. They do not believe in a divine power but rather they focus on real world materials to make profits. Goblins also “value technology as a useful aspect of commerce”(Fandom.com). As the source describes, Goblins are very materialistic and wealthy due to their intelligence. Another source introduces the process of starting as a goblin in WoW, “The player starts as an up-and-coming businessgoblin in the flourishing and busy city of Kezan.” It gives a clear sign that the game has put its position right with how the basic background of goblins is.




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