Darnassus Observations

I decided to observe the behavior of characters in Darnassus because it was the only major city around my area but it is usually relatively empty, so I wanted to know what it was that players did when they would visit.  The first player I observed was a level 17 night elf mage that I first noticed when coming out of the Temple of the Moon. She went directly to her guild box and spent about three minutes there. Next, she went to the bankers and spent approximately four minutes with them. Then she ran to the inscription trainer, interacted with him for a few seconds and logged out of the game.

The second player that I observed was a level 24 worgen druid. He spent approximately three minutes to repair his armor in the Craftsman district of the city and then logged out.

Both players that I observed were only taking care of basic housekeeping type actions.

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