How do players in Stormwind react to being followed?

Stormwind City – Ravencrest


From 1:00pm-12:00pm MDT or 2:00pm-3:00pm CDT (Ravencrest is on CDT)

Names: Joey Hector and Miles Purcell


Field Notes:

Found a character walking around the city, followed into the bank

Walk up to the bank counter

We stand behind them

No indication that we have been noticed

They are a level 85 Night Elf Priest

No movement, other idle character animation (in this case flames)

They’re on the move

Walked into the vault

At a guild vault now. Possibly his

Still here

Still no noticeable indication that we have been noticed

They’re leaving the bank

Now stopped at the engineering supplies, quick stop

At the mailbox now, quick stop

Back into the bank now

Back at the guild vaults

Leaving the bank again

Flew away on flying mount


Potential Follow-up Questions:

  1. Did you notice us?
  2. If yes, then did you intentionally not interact with us?
  3. What we’re you doing in the bank?
  4. What is your experience with being followed like this and how do you view it?
  5. Are you an important member of your guild?



Unfortunately, we didn’t have the opportunity to ask any follow-up questions as the player flew away on his mount before we had the opportunity, so we will be guessing at potential reasons for things. We aren’t sure if he noticed us, but it seems like he probably didn’t. If he did, then it seems he might have chosen to ignore us because we seemingly weren’t disturbing him. This data might be better used for typical player behavior or something related to players interactions at banks/in cities rather than specifically their reactions to being followed. One potentially better way to find how players react to being followed around is to follow them outside of cities doing quests, it would also help if you fought enemies that they were hunting, as it would ensure they notice you. This way it would not only be easier for them to notice you, but your presence is probably more likely to illicit a response from them.

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