Qualitative Research Activity

Ethan Graupmann

Jing Dong

NEW Goal/Question: In a friendly, populated location and place a toy that gives gifts to players that interact with it. Examine what level/race/class the players are, how many respond to it, and so forth.

Situational Context: Wednesday, 1PM, Segaras.

Character Avatar: Wateratoms, lv 120 Pandaren Monk

With the contested city locations we visited (Dazar’alor and Suramar) too difficult to enter and sparse of players, we experienced difficulty locating an enemy player in the open in order to examine responses to threatened PvP. We found one player in each location, but one disappeared/exited the instance and our character died before we could reach the other.

With the New Question in mind (See Above), we placed the Blingtron 4000 near a large group of players and waited to observe.

Of the >10 players we entered the area with and placed down (Not counting passerby, which may be more than 10), 8 Players interacted with the Robot when we initially placed it down, over the course of approximately 5 minutes.

  • Human Warrior lvl 112
  • Human Warrior lvl 33
  • Human Priest lvl 112
  • Night Elf Mage?? 22
  • Other players’ information could not be retrieved.

We then entered a greeting into the chat, and seemed to receive no response. 1 more player interacted with the robot

  • Dwarf Mage lvl 120

The toy disappeared after 10 minutes

Background Notes

Several players were idling around during their time in the area, on various large mounts. Other (less common) idlers stood around on their normal characters. By the middle of the study, 8 players were idling in the fountain area, 6 of which were on mounts, 4 of which were considered larger than a Horse.

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