How players in WoW will react if they’re followed round the whole time?

Duwei Xiang


Server: Bonechewer

Location: Kezan


Question/Topic: How players in WoW will react if they’re followed round the whole time?


Begins in the starting area

Aren’t any players around

Stayed for a few minutes

Went to the other areas to seek for players to follow

Came back to the starting area

Found one player who was standing by the quest NPC

The player controlled a female goblin character and his/her name is “Zixie”

Started following the player when he gets on the hot rod and driving to complete quests

Player did not care too much about me

Player is completing his quest and coming back and forth from the starting area

Player stopped questing

Player started driving around in the hot rod

Kept following him in a hot rod

Player started honking

Started beeping my hot rod’s horn too

The player started interacting with me by doing donuts in a hot rod

Sent chat to player

Player did not respond

The player stopped interacting and quit the game

Found another player and tried to follow him

The second player did not care about me throughout the whole time

Player ignored my chat message

Player left the game


I played solo as a goblin in the Bonechewer server as a new player. My task is to try to follow players in that area to observe what they’re doing and also their reaction of me following them around the whole time. Unfortunately, both of the players did not care about me for most of the time. The first player that I followed interacted with me because of my “stalking” for a few minutes which is after he finished his quests. The second player did not interact or react to me at all. I send greeting messages to both players but did not get any response.

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