Undercity Happenings

Field Notes


Bat handler, level 35

Lvl 40- afk not near a vendor

Lvl 7- at the elder for a code

Lvl- 23 logged out at barber shop


Lvl 30 still afk not near vendor

Lvl 7 at general goods vendor

Lvl 60 arrives at bank

Lvl 39 at auctioneer

Lvl 120 at bank

Lvl 3 afk

Lvl 110 at bank

1: 30

Lvl 7 at heavy armor merchant

Lvl 40 still afk

Lvl 110 replied to question about high levels in undercity, “waiting for BG”

Lvl 7 replied “idk, came here for stuff I guess”



Level 21 afk by innkeeper


After observing player’s in undercity on bonechewer from 1:20 pm MST to 1:38 pm MST. Focus was put on level and NPC’s they are interacting with. Many players were arriving via the bat flight master. Those that were lower level did not seem to leave the area by either logging out or visiting many NPC’s. Few high level players arrived, and they spent the majority of the time at the bank. After interviewing the level 7 and seeing a level 3 there when the main questline would not take you to Undercity until about level 20, I decided that these were senior players leveling new characters. The level 110 interview relayed that he was waiting for a Battle Ground, a high level pvp event. The large majority of players were afk, and many of these were above the level that I arrive in the area for. Only higher level characters visited the bank.

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