Qualitative research 1

The question I collected data for was what type of people are around the Thunder Bluff bank and auction area. The data collected was level, if they were riding a mount, approximate time spent at the location. The most common characters to enter these areas seemed to be high level players, almost every player that came to the auction house were over level 100. In conjunction with this all but 2 of the characters either where on amount during their time spent at the auction house or used one shortly after finishing business. During most people’s stay they seem to be rather intrenched in their individual game, not even really paying attention to their surrounds such as other players. However, as an outliner a couple of the level 120’s who noticed that my character wasn’t moving and decided to gawk. They did not move, with their characters pointed at, until just after I jumped making it a relatively safe bet that the investigating me. This may be because I was the one person around the auction house and really the area around (except for the standing NPC’s) and even though the rest of the players didn’t notice much around them these two seemed to recognize something out of the ordinary.

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