Qualitative Research

For this activity, I decided to observe the chats of two different areas in the Silvermoon server. I was interested in knowing if there was any kind of common rhetoric that was shared by both chats, keeping in mind that one area is a very populated “starting area” and its counterpart is a lesser known location.

My process was simple, I would wait ten minutes and collect everything I could from the game chat in the starting area called Goldshire. What I found was that the chat became flooded with “e-rhetoric.” That being a sort of quasi-text language that consisted mainly of “GG” and a few less appropriate terms. Fortunately, being a video game enthusiast myself, I came into this activity with a rough estimate of the type of language that I would encounter. Due to that fact that World of Warcraft’s in-game chat is just a series of text messages that are public to the local players, it is easy to get lost in its disjointed nature. Insults are considered commonplace in this environment, however when I went to another location, I found quite the opposite. My second subject was in a smaller town called Moonbrook. I found that in this location, there was far less activity in the chat. This could likely be attributed to the smaller population of players in the town. In this chat, as opposed to Goldshire’s, the individuals who inhabited the area tended to not engage in the chats frequently. In the rare case that the players in Moonbrook actually type in the chat it tended to be the same type of rhetoric.




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