Qualitative Research Blog Post

     Grant Anderson

     Duwei Xiang


        1/2. “What made you start playing WoW?”

        To see why players perceived to play the game and what factors affected their decision.


  1. We used flat coding as our main method. Our coding scheme was inductive.
  2. The total dataset we used was 15 interviews. 


  1. Ads that were made by Blizzard were found interesting and it had a very strong effect on player’s choice of whether they want to try the game. In one interview, the player says, “The ad was cool and it looked like fun so I tried it.” 3 out of the 15 interviews exclusively mentioned ads as the reason they make their decision to play WoW.  Another reason was players saw their friends playing the game, either they found the game interesting or they played the game because of their social needs of being more interactive with their friends. 7 out of 15 interviews exclusively mentioned friends as the reason they started playing.


  1. What players and characters still populate WoW?


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