WRIT Quests

These quests are designed to make sure you are familiar with the game, the community, and research. For most of these quests, the way to get credit for them is by taking a screenshot and sending me the screenshot via email.

In the game, you can take a screenshot by doing the following:

  • On PC – Press the Print Screen (Prt Scr) button.
  • On Mac – Press the F13 function key. If you do not have this key on your laptop, you can change the key in the keybindings menu in WoW.

The screenshots are saved in your World of Warcraft folder under Screenshots.

For Quests involving the forums, you can take a screenshot on your computer by using the following:

  • On PC – Use Snipping Tool which is included by default on Windows.
  • On Mac – Press Shift Command (⌘) 3.

Pictures of the screen taken with your phone are acceptable as long as relevant items are discernible.

You are required to complete 10 WRIT Quests. You can complete up to 20 WRIT Quests for points. You receive 10 points (1 point per quest) for the first 10, and then 0.5 points per quest thereafter, up to a maximum of 5 extra points. However, if you complete more than 20 WRIT Quests, you will automatically earn an Achievement gift card at the end of the class.

The following quests have to be completed Friday, May 4.

Game Quests. Quests marked PC can be completed Pre-class.

  1. [easy, PC] Achieve Level 10 [screenshot of your character or achievement]
  2. [easy] Cook something, make a bandage, AND catch a fish [three screenshots]
  3. [easy] Sell something on the Auction House [screenshot the mail from the Auction House]
  4. [easy] Set your hearthstone to a new tavern/inn/location
  5. [medium, PC] Complete 50 quests [screenshot of the achievement in the game]
  6. [medium, PC] Equip at least one blue (rare) or higher item
  7. [medium] Complete a Dungeon [screenshot of last boss dead or mid-battle, your nameplate must be showing]
  8. [medium] fight and kill three or more enemies at once while soloing. They have to be within two levels of you [two screenshots; one during battle, one at end]
  9. [medium] Make at least two items with one of these Primary Professions: leatherworking, blacksmithing, enchanting, engineering, inscription, jewelcrafting, tailoring.
  10. [medium] Play WoW in the library, dorm common area, AND a dining hall [selfie shots]
  11. [medium] Win a battleground
  12. [medium] Win a pet battle [you might have to take a screenshot right before killing the final pet]
  13. [hard] Complete a raid
  14. [hard] Win an arena match

Community Quests

  1. [easy] Search for a question you do not know the answer to on the official forums [screenshot the results]
  2. [easy] Search for quest information on wowhead.com
  3. [medium] Answer a question asked on the official WoW forums
  4. [medium] Post a question you do not know the answer to on the official WoW forums after making sure the question hasn’t been asked before.
  5. [medium] Post on another forum related to WoW (wowhead, wow subreddit, icy veins, etc.)
  6. [hard] Edit or add to a page on Wowpedia or Wowwiki

Out of game quests:

  1. [easy] Visit a tutor at the Writing Center for help with one of your projects [they will ask you whether you want to notify the instructor; agree]
  2. [easy] Visit the Research Librarian for help with a project
  3. [easy] Visit me during office hours (or schedule an appointment) for help with a project
  4. [medium] Ask a question at the Conversations in the Disciplines [I will be there, so no need to take a selfie]
  5. [hard] level up 40 times during the class [two screenshots; starting level and final level. No cheating by buying the automatic level up. It has to be exactly 40 levels.]


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